My Addiction

My story is not unique, but it is personal.

I never would have thought that my life could be so affected in this way and that I would be so consumed. Sure I played around a little when I was a kid, but then I pretty much grew out of it as I became a responsible adult.

But then…

It started when some guys from Oakland started bringing it to the south end of Downtown Santa Cruz.  And these guys were serious, they weren’t messing around, they were pros, the likes of which our town had never experienced. Almost immediately after they showed up, that end of town started to change. I was curious. I went to check it out, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I tried it with an open mind.

One taste and I was hooked. Now I look for it anywhere I can. In playgrounds, at the school yards, on the west side with the university students, I’ve even considered going to the city and spending big money to get some of the really good stuff and I’m sure I will as soon as I have the opportunity. I can’t get enough.

Has it changed my relationships? Yes. Is it affecting my work? probably. Has there been a drastic change in my health because of it? Sure. I even dress differently, and I’ve taken on a whole new vocabulary. I’m totally immersed in this strange culture. Do I regret it? Not at all.

Since the Santa Cruz Warriors came to town, I have been reintroduced to my childhood sport. I was never a huge sports fan. Growing up in Colorado in the eighties, being a sports fan was really just a path to inevitable disappointment. But I did love me some Bird – Magic rivalry. Watching the way the two of them commanded the floor and moved the ball, really showcasing that Basketball is a team sport and how a great player is awesome, but a great team player is unstoppable.

But then it mostly went away for me. I missed out on the Bulls, and everything that was to follow in the NBA, cause, well, I was doing other things.

Fast Forward. Enter the Sea Dubs. I went to the opening night. Of course, I did. It was Downtown, It was Economic Development. Everyone was there. I had no idea how much fun this could be. An amazing community event, kids running around having a blast, so much community spirit, and a pretty great team to boot!

standsSo then I started going to all the games. And then I pulled together a group of old men to play in the park, and I started hitting pickup games whenever I could, and of course as our Santa Cruz Team started getting called up to Oakland, I started following Steph and the Oakland Dubs. It goes without saying, that it was a pretty good time to become a Dubs fan!

I’m not sure how to end this post, but it’s getting late in the afternoon and I want to get up to Medar Street before it gets too crowded.

I’ll see you in the paint!

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