#1 – Because we have to do something

Just before 2017 began I posted a post on this blog entitled “My Birthday Wish“. The post was the beginning of a campaign to raise money towards launching a chapter of Downtown Streets Team here in Santa Cruz.

I decided to try to raise $48,000 by my 48th birthday, which will be a very important first step in getting this program off the ground. I honestly didn’t know what would happen but I know that I had to do something.

Homelessness in Santa Cruz, like it is in so many of our communities feels overwhelming. The problem seems insurmountable and the solutions are not clear. But one thing that we all agree on is that we have to do something.

I learned about Downtown Streets Team last year and I’ve been spending a lot of time getting to know them. Getting to know the work they do, the values they promote and the effect they are having in the communities they serve. I am impressed. In short. They are doing something.

Since my birthday wish post, I have posted a number of reasons why I am committed to making this happen in Santa Cruz and I have many more reasons that I haven’t had time to post. This is the number one reason: We have to do something.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I started this. I put it out there to my friends on facebook. Word got out a little bit and we have raised over $40,000. So many people have contributed in so many ways, really big ways and really small ways, but all of them really important ways. Every single dollar that we have raised is someone saying, yes, let’s do something. 

So now it’s just a couple of days before my birthday. My goal is in sight, but we’re not there yet. If you have contributed, Thank you! Please come and celebrate with me this Saturday. I have a ticket for you, just let me know. Please consider asking a friend to contribute. It turns out I don’t know everyone.  If you haven’t yet contributed, I hope you will consider it. Even if it’s $4.80 or whatever you can. Please, I’m asking every one of us. Do something

Thank you.

Contribute Here

Come to the Party



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